Cleveland County Conservation District

Helping People Reconnect To Our Environment

Our Directive

The State of Oklahoma was the first state to enact and the second to pass the Conservation District Act.  In the spring of 1937 the act was introduced and on April 15, 1937 Governor E.W. Marland signed it into law. Title 27A, Chapter 3 of the Oklahoma State Statute states, "It is the policy of the Legislature to authorize the conservation districts established under The Conservation District Act to serve as the primary local unit of government responsible for the conservation of the renewable natural resources of this state, and competent to administer, in close cooperation with landowners and occupiers, with local governmental units, and with agencies of the government of this state and of the United States, projects, programs and activities suitable for effectuating the policy of the Conservation District Act". 

The Cleveland County Conservation was formed by a vote of the people on September 26, 1939.  

Our Mission

To encourage conservation sustainability by recommending management practices, providing leadership in education and increasing public awareness of our impact on the environment in both rural and urban areas of the county.

About Us

The Cleveland County Conservation District was originally formed as a viable solution for the problems that created the Dust Bowl.  In the 1930's Oklahoma's top soil blew across a large portion of the United States due to drought, poor soil management and antiquated farming techniques.

Over the last 70 years, we have helped local agricultural producers develop better conservation practices by providing them with conservation plans, cost share assistance and technical assistance in cooperation with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. 

As the local primary unit of State Government responsible for the conservation of natural resources, we have endeavored to be a leader in environmental education and to raise public awareness of important conservation issues.  The District provides free programs and workshop concerning such topics as water conservation, energy efficiency and sustainable and environmental friendly living methods.  We also support and promote different green initiatives throughout the county including: organic growing, local food and local producers, sustainable growing methods, recycling and water issues.

We also provide environmental education to all the schools in Cleveland County.  We have helped develop and build many outdoor classrooms and currently there are 23 located in the county with plans to build two more.   

Watch this site for updates concerning programs and events!