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Red, White, Blue and GREEN!

Posted on July 1, 2013 at 10:50 AM

  Americans love a party, and what better reason to celebrate than our nation's independence!  The 4th of July is a favorite holiday in our house, America celebrates our official birthday, and we get a day of free shots at my husband!  No, not due to his BBQ skills, although those too have been a source of some great one-liners. My husband Mark is English, so you can imagine the grief that gets laid at his door every year from every breathing member of my family.  Some people celebrate the 4th with sparklers, hot dogs and parades, we spend the day slamming my husband's heritage.  Don't get me wrong, we can party with the best of them; food, games and enjoying the City of Moore's Fireworks from my backyard, but we have the added benefit of gloating......a lot of gloating! 

If you are hosting a Fab 4th Party this year, I have a few suggestions to help you make your Red, White and Blue a little bit greener.

  • Keep it Local! - Buy your food, beer, wine from local Farmers Markets or business who cater using local food producers.
  • Learn to Love Mason Jars! - Mason jars are a wonderful thing, and not just for canning.  Serve your drinks in these little beauties.  They are also perfect for buffet spread as they serve a multi purpose.  Put the silverware and a cloth napkin in each jar so that your guests can pick up their drinking glass and utensils all in one! Mason jars can hold; candles, candy, flowers, ice cream, whatever!
  • Dump the Disposables! - Use your own dishes for your party, get red, white and blue handkerchiefs to use as napkins.  If you don't have enough tableware, use bamboo dishes.
  • Propane isn't totally Evil! - Propane has half the emission than charcoal.  If you prefer charcoal, find a greener choice, they are lots out there!
  • Offer your guests a recycling bin!
  • Let the Games Begin! - Make some yard games using recycled materials.  Yard Bowling using 1 liter bottles and a ball.  Yard Scrabble using rocks or orange juice lids with letters painted on them.  You can also use this to make a Tic Tac Toe Board.  Play Yahtzee with dice made from scrap lumber.  Have a potato sack race with burlap bags that can be reused.  Pull the large bulk size cans out of recycling as  containers for a bean bag toss.  Remove the bottom of those large cans and you have the perfect stencil for making a Twister board on your grass, get the idea!
  • Fireworks are not entirely eco-friendly.  They contain heavy metals, sulfur/coal compounds and noxious chemicals, besides that, they are very dangerous to handle, and dare I mention the word FIRE.  The greener option is to enjoy a fireworks display hosted by your local city!

Have a Fabulous 4th of July!  If you happen to run across any English people, give them a hug, they're having a hard day, my husband in particular because his birthday is also this week. So on a personal note, I want to say, "Happy Birthday, Honey".  I'm sorry that you can't find any descent tea and biscuits in this Country, but that would be because, WE WON AND YOU LOST.  May I suggest that you learn to love iced tea?  Love You!

-Chris Ward

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