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Posted on January 14, 2014 at 9:55 AM

I have a lot of conversations with myself, and I am quite often impressed with my opinions on certain subjects, but sometimes I disagree and the trash talk begins.

I didn't hear much from myself when I decided to stop using trash liners; I had nothing to say when I decided to stop using the dryer and to adjust my digital thermostat to to 66 in the winter. nor did I speak up when I decided to use water in the rain barrels to do my laundry. But when I decided to remove the trash can in my kitchen.....I didn't even know that I knew that kind of language!

I didn't understand the animosity, I mean I compost, I choose my purchases to reduce packaging, I recycle.  What was the problem?  Turns out I had a lot to say on the subject, beginning with the overly mature response, "That's just stupid".  How can you engage in an intelligent debate with such a stance?

We started by discussing my reasoning.  I don't use the kitchen trash can that much, it's an eye sore and it takes up much need floor space, oh and all the eco reasons I mentioned above. But my response never really moved above, "that's just stupid".  Whatever, I'm doing it anyway.

My superior intelligence won the battle again, besides, I used the old tried and true standard of, "Because I said so!".  And as any child of Mother born knows, that's the ballgame.

We are currently on Day 14 of Operation Trash Can Free in the Kitchen, and all is well.  It's been a learning experience for me about habits.  And it turns out I have had to be slightly creative on occasion, but that's another post.  I have grown used to the new regime and have little to say about it these days. I threw myself kicking and screaming into accepting the idea, but eventually I grew to love it.  Although, I did have to ground myself for a few days, because some of the words I used in rebuttal should never be spoken outside of an OU vs Texas game.  Really!

-Chris Ward

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