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Posted on February 26, 2014 at 10:00 AM

 Just recently someone left the comment, "Hippie" under a post about Earth Day I had shared on our Facebook page. It made me laugh.  Although I believe that the gentleman was trying to express his disdain concerning Earth Day, he missed his mark with me.  I was actually kinda flattered.

I was born in the late 60's to a set of wide eyed parents who didn't understand why getting back to basics required a movement.  They were born and raised in a community that grew their own food, canned it, made a lot of their own clothes, practiced water conservation, conserved energy and spent a great deal of time outside.  All of the sudden their lifestyle was Hip and they found themselves "with it", it was a bit of shock for two young adults from Stuart, Oklahoma.  I like to think of them as the Eco branch of the Hippie Culture without some of the other less attractive aspects of that lifestyle.

If you take a look back to the era of the mid 60's through to the 70's there is a lot to admire.  Young people stood up and openly discussed environmental issues, they demanded change and they got it; The Clean Air Act 1970, National Environmental Policy Act 1970, Marine Mammal Protection Act 1972, Endangered Species Act 1972, Coastal Zone Management Act 1972, Clean Water Act 1972, Safe Drinking Water Act 1974 and the Toxic Substances Act 1976.  They were able to bring environmental issues onto the national stage and create real change, and they did it all while wearing bell bottom jeans and platform have to admire that!

If you take the definition of a Hippie Commune as, "People living together while sharing common interests and resources" then can't you say that we live in a Worldwide Commune?  Our resources are finite and it's in our best interest to protect them, to stand up together as one booming voice. 

Am I a Hippie?  I don't know if that generation would think so, but I like to think of myself as an active member of the Eco Branch.  Growing my own organic veggies, practicing water and energy conservation involving myself in environmental issues, letting my vote speak for me all while wearing boot cut jeans.  And to the gentleman that thought by calling us "Hippies" he would adequately express his scorn, I just want to say...Thank You.  It is a compliment that I will share with my friends, it is a label that I will wear with honor, it is an acknowledgement that my environmental conscience is alive a well.

-Chris Ward   

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