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Posted on March 19, 2014 at 9:55 AM

And so it begins.  Spring is coming and with it, boundary lines are drawn, troops are assembled and weapons are chosen.  As the days warm up and the sun appears more and more often, Lawn Soldiers paint their faces with sunscreen, put on the official uniform of Spring (favorite faded T-shirt, Panama shorts and Flip Flops) and leave the safety of base camp to fire the first shots of water for the season.

Hoses are dragged out of hiding and prominently displayed as a sign that war is on the horizon.  The sovereignty of each home gathers together to discuss battle plans and the best methods of maintaining the envied green lawn for each Castle in the neighborhood.  Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, sprinklers, and hoses are all discussed, debated and chosen.   And in the midst of this fight against nature to keep bermuda green, my little acreage declares its neutrality by attaching my drip and soaker hoses to rain barrels.....and they don't lead to the lawn.

I am not anti-lawn.  I am however, anti-using our drinking water sources to keep a bermuda lawn green in a state that has temperatures an oven would envy. I am against  fighting the natural defenses a lawn uses to stay alive during drought.  I'm okay with not watering my lawn. I'm okay with replacing it with beds of drought tolerant pIants when I can. I'm okay with letting it go dormant in the summer, and it turns out that the City of Moore is okay with it too, as I found out when a neighbor complained last summer.

The Battle of the Hoses will rage on for another year. But I do see signs of hope, because last year 3 more lawns in my neighbor went a beautiful shade of brown, every year more and more people call the District asking about Rain Barrels. The Cities of Oklahoma City, Moore and Norman have a permanent mandatory odd/even rationing of our water. I see more drip lines being installed and people are talking about water conservation. It is very encouraging, and someday soon, someone will drive past my house and envy my tan lawn.  I believe it because I have faith that society will recognize that in some instances brown is the best way to stay green.

-Chris Ward

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