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Happy EARTH Day!!

Posted on April 22, 2014 at 11:30 AM

 Today is Earth Day, and being an everyday environmentalist it makes my Top Ten Favorite Holiday list.  Granted, it doesn't have a cool spokesman like Santa, Cupid or the Easter Bunny, but nonetheless, we got game!

Since the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, we've come a long way.  During speaking engagements, I no longer see blank stares pointed in my direction when I use words like; conservation, composting or reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle.  If I ask how many people in the room; practice water conservation, worm composting or energy efficiency, have a rain barrel, use organic methods, or grow their own I see at least 3-4 hands shoot up and wave with pride.

Green practices if you want to call them that, no longer belong to the outer fringes.  It's not a fad; these practices have developed into society norms.  They have become a part of our daily lives.  Large corporations research and develop new packaging and products that are gentler on our environment.  Take Back & Recycling Programs are in stores, large chains sell "green" lines.  Farmers Markets and grocery stores that support local produce are popping up everywhere.  Cities around the country and the world are paying attention to water conservation and have recycling programs.

Do I think that our environmental problems have been solved? No, we have a long hard road ahead of us.  But for today, our 44th Earth Day, let's take a moment to appreciate how far we have traveled down that road already and celebrate our successes.  Go hug a newly planted tree, recycle something or start a compost system.  Then, throw a trash free, paper free, locally sourced picnic in Earth Day's honor.  Take the day to celebrate because tomorrow it's back to work and we have a lot left to do.

Now that I think about it, we have a pretty cool spokesman for our Earth Day holiday, its right beneath your feet, above your head and wrapped all around you.  And as soon as we can figure out how to significantly scale down its size, Earth will be coming to a mall near you so your kids can sit in its lap for those holiday photo opps that are so important to grandmas everywhere.

Happy EARTH Day!

-Chris Ward

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