Cleveland County Conservation District
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Helping People Reconnect To Our Environment


  • Get back in touch with nature and this planet in it's natural state.

  • Helping our Farmers help themselves with the latest information, workshops and events.

  • Learn how to be be earth friendly, get great tips and to step lightly on our planet.

  • Learn how to be as energy efficient as possible with great tips and ideas to stop energy loss.

  • Environmental Education made fun for children of all agaes.

  • Learn more about the farmers that grow and sell their products in our area. Although most farmers don't have a website, this will give you a great idea of what goes into making your food.

  • Learn more about how to grow your own produce and be more sustainable at home. Also find stores that sell local food and food products.

  • Get all your recycling questions answered, and keep up to date on recycling news.

  • Everything you need to conserve our most precious resource.