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The Blue Thumb Program was developed by the Oklahoma Conservation Commission - Water Quality Division as a way to educate the public concerning point and non point source pollution. This educational program consists of workshops, tours and monitoring.

In Oklahoma, over 300 volunteers activiely monitor more than 80 streams, Cleveland County has had 3 streams that have been monitored by different teams over the years. The Blue Thumb Volunteer Training Program teaches volunteers to: assess and monitor the physical characterists of the stream; collect and test water samples monthly; and collect fish and benthic macroinvertebrates.  All of this information gives the Coordinators the data that is needed to judge the stream's ecosystem health.

If you are interested in becoming a Blue Thumb Volunteer for Creek Monitoring, please contact the District at

Watch this site for upcoming Training Workshops. 



If you are intersted in becoming a Blue Thumb Volunteer, here is an opportunity to join the Blue Thumb Team!

January 25th & 26th at OKC University 

If would like to attend one of these training sessions to become one of our valuable Blue Thumb Volunteers, please contact Kim Shaw at or Cheryl Cheadle at

Remember its not what water can do for you, its what you can do to help our water!


This group of Blue Thumb Volunteers, called The Friends of Bishop Creek not only monitor Bishop Creek they have also spent many hours educating the public and caring for the creek.

FOBC set up a booth during Norman's Earth Day Festival and used "The Enviroscape" model to show children and adults alike that the actions that they take at home could have an impact on our drinking water.  They have also made presentations to the Sierra Club and organized a Clean Up the Creek Day in April.  The picture taken above is some of the members of FOBC and some of the items that they removed from the creek banks.  The trash bags represent just a small amount of trash that was removed that day.  We are very proud to have volunteers like this working in our county.

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