Cleveland County Conservation District

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The Board of Directors are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for the new Cost Share Program Year 14. 

This is a continual sign up until June 1, 2013 or until all funds have been obligated!   

Applications will be reviewed first by date then by practice priority.  The following is the approved practices for Cost Share YR 14. 

1. Water Wells

2. Watering Facility

3. Pond Construction

4. Pasture & Hay Planting/Nutrient Management

5. Brush Management

6. Diversions

7. Critical Area Planting

8. Fence

9. Pipeline

Each practice will pay 75% of the allowable cost up to a maximum payment of no more than $2,000 per participant.  To apply for the current Cost Share Year, please download the application form here.


The Cleveland County Conservation District administers the State Cost Share Program for Cleveland County.  This program provides financial assistance to agriculture producers and lease holders who have 20 acres or more of land and have produced at least $1000 in agriculture product in the previous year.  The program was designed to reduce soil erosion and improve water quality. 

The program helps landowners implement chosen conservation practices.  Since the beginning of the program in 1997, we have fulfilled 52 contracts and provided $54,205 in cost share funds. In previous years the District has funded several hundred acres of bermuda grass, built over 20 ponds, installed several water wells and removed hundreds of Eastern Red Cedar trees. 

Every year that the District receives funds, we gather information from citizens of Cleveland County at meetings through surveys concerning the needs of the county to help the board of directors decide which practices will be funded.