Cleveland County Conservation District

Helping People Reconnect To Our Environment


Our Conservation District sponsors several meetings, workshops, events and sometimes challenges that concern a wide range of conservation issues.  You will find the Challenges that we sponsor on this page, if you are looking for the Green Acres Primary School Classes, Green Living Classes or any of our other Workshops, they are located as a drop down tab under Events on our bar.

If you are interested in any subject that we have not covered or you missed a meeting or workshop that you would be interested in attending please let us know, and we will try to reschedule it.   

Announcing E-Workshops for the District!

Our Conservation District is pleased to announce that we hold E-Workshop on a Facebook Group!  You can find us at HERE.

In Previous E-Workshop we discussed the topics of How to Green Up Your Holidays and Green Cleaning. We will be discussing Herbs, Composting, Growing Food in Your Backyard and so much more.

It's easy to join, if you are one Facebook, simply go to our site and request to Join the Group.  Our E-Workshop page gives you the freedom of joining in on the discussion.  You can post questions, leave comments under a thread or interact with our facilitators or other participants.  

Join our Group and experience all the fun of one of our Workshops from the comfort of your own home! 



The City of Norman's Environmental Control Advisory Board and the Cleveland Co. Conservation District has partnered to present a Water Wise Workshop open to the general public.

Our continued drought conditions have made water conservation more important than ever before.  Please join us on April 1st at 6:30 at the City of Norman's City Council Chambers at 201 W. Gray to learn how you can help conserve our drinking water!

City of Norman Utilities employees will discuss the State of Lake Thunderbird and its future.

Janay Greenlee will discuss Outdoor Water Conservation and Oklahoma Proven Plants and other drought tolerant species.

Debbie Smith will discuss Gray water systems and Rain Barrels.

Chris Ward will discuss Indoor Water Conservation and give you some simple and cheap tricks.

Scott Sturtz will discuss Norman's new Fertilizer Ordinance.

Each speaker will have a 15 minute presentation, then they will form a panel that will be available for your questions relating to water quality and conservation.  It will be a fun and informative evening.  So, mark your calendars and join us Make Every Drop Count!



Could you go through one day using only 50 gallons?  According to the USGS, Oklahomans consume around 126 gallons of water per person per day.  This includes; cooking, drinking, laundry, cleaning, bathing, toilets, washing your hands, brushing your teeth and lawn and gardening.  Do you think that you could do use 50 gallons of municipal water or less in a day?  On World Water Day, Friday, March 22nd the Conservation District invites you to participate in our 50 Gallon Challenge.  Spend one day measuring your municipal water intake, even if you live with others, estimate how much water you would use for your personal needs, for instance, if someone does the laundry for your entire family, estimate how many loads it would take to do just your laundry.  The District will provide a log that you can use HERE this log also contains a chart of activities and their average water use that you can to help keep track. You can also keep your own journal.  If you have and use a rain barrel or other grey water system, you need not measure that water use, but let us know that you have it!

Sign up for the Challenge at .  Send us your journal or the log for total amount of water that you used on March 22nd to our email address above, and we will recognize the top three participants on our website and facebook pages.  Invite your friends, family and co-workers to take the challenge with you.  How low can you go?  Let's find out together.

THE GREEN CLOSET - Children's Clothing Swap

 The Conservation District strives to begin programs that can be given over to active community volunteers, such is the case with The Green Closet.   The District no longer administers this program but we do promote it!  Watch our Events and Calender pages for dates and times. 


Is your waste line out of control?  Do you have trouble shutting the lid of your curbside trash can?  Do the employees at your favorite local dump recognize you on site?  Has your trash gained significant weight over the years?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the program for you.

The EPA tells us that the average American household throws 4.4 lbs of trash out daily, that's 29 lbs of trash a week for each home!

During the week of September 24th through the 30th, the Conservation District invites you to monitor your trash intake (purchases & packaging) and trash output, develop some new habits and to try something different to Reduce Your Waste Line.  We will provide daily trash diet tips and ideas on our facebook page and via email beginning September 4th to help you on your journey.  We will also advise you on how to create an electronic journal to record your progress.  Record everything that goes into your trash that week.  We hope to help you see a significant improvement to your waste line by the end of the week and want you to send your success stories to us, maybe even before and after the challenge pics.

Everyone who registers for this challenge will be entered in a drawing to win a $20 Gift Certificate to the Norman Farmers Market that will help you keep your weight down in more than one way.  Everyone who sends in their journal will be entered for a drawing for other prizes; a lunch boxes with utensils donated by Native Roots Market,( ) a Make Your Own Green Cleaning Kit donated by Central Oklahoma Homsteaders, ( ) and a Waste Free Office Kit. Whether you need to lose 50 lbs or just those last stubborn 5 lbs this program will help you!

Register today by contacting the District using the green "Contact Us" button on the right of your screen, or on our facebook events page. Please specify if you want to receive emails or will visit our facebook page for your daily tips.