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Helping People Reconnect To Our Environment


Are you interested in having a greener, healthier school? The Oklahoma Green Schools Program can help your school reduce its environmental or carbon footprint by having your students lead one of five hands-on investigations covering; energy, water, school site, environmental quality and waste & recycling.

The goal of this program is to help schools identify opportunities to "green up" their facility and its operations all while teaching students the value of stewardship.  Green Schools provides tips, funding sources and educational resources which includes a toolkit that contains; a light meter, air quality monitor, infrared thermometer, spring scale, field thermometer, Kill-A-Watt electricity monitor and a ballast identifier.  Utilizing the toolkit and the data collection forms empowers students to be actively involved in gathering the data. Students use math, science, engineering and technological skills to gather the date, process information, form a conclusion and develop a solution.   

Past Green Schools investigations have helped school districts save money in many areas including energy costs. One example is that the Noble Public Schools saved more than $144,000.00 on its first year of its energy conservation and management plan developed by its students. You could potentially reduce your waste, emissions, water use, save your school district money and allow your students a voice in the operations of their environment.  Studies have also shown that an additional benefit to the Green Schools Program is that the student based investigations can provide significant benefits to children's and staff health as well. 

When you have completed the program, your school with be presented with a Green Schools flag that will identify you as an Oklahoma Green School! If your school is interested in this program, please visit Oklahoma Green Schools at to learn more about the program.  You will find tips on how to develop a "Green Team" which may include teachers, administrators, maintenance staff, students and other professionals to assist your students with completion of the program. You can register your school for the program, download investigations, check out the toolkit and so much more.

Green Schools will help your students develop a greater sense of pride in their school since it is through their investigation and leadership that this healthier and greener learning environment was created.  Register your school today!