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Do you suffer from "Power Glower" that awful expression that comes over your face every time you open your electric bill?  Join us on March 4th for our Energy Workshop.  This is a free workshop that will be held at the Norman Public Library beginning at 6 pm.

A representative of OG&E will join us to discuss their customer plan choices designed to help you be energy efficient.  She will discuss the Smart Study and their Energy Audit Program.  Chris Gary from Sun City will be there to discuss solor power, and Brittian Rice from Bergey Wind Energy will discuss wind energy for the homeowner.

Each attendent will receive a copy of the District's manual, "Achieving Energy Efficiency" and we will discuss some simple and cheap things you can do today to make your home more efficient. To register to this workshop, send us an email or click on the blue Contact Us button on the right.


The Cleveland County Conservation District is proud to host the University of Oklahoma's Lean Institute's Lean and Green Program.  This program adapts tools from the Lean Process Improvement program to reduce environmental waste in the workplace.  Participants re-learn the concept of waste, helping organizations identify ways to become more competitive and profitable through green initiatives including; energy efficiency, water conservation, garbage and material waste, optimizing transportation, and emission reduction.  Lean and Green shows the potential profitability in green practices in the same way that Lean does; through greater efficiency.  

The program includes three full days of classroom training, at monthly intervals, with private coaching support from an instructor between classroom sessions.  Participants will complete a real world green business project at their business as part of the training.  This intensive training and hands-on exercies will train each participant how to identify waste and lead improvement strategies effectively.  Lean & Green is funded by a grant from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and is available at no cost to the participants.  For more information, click HERE to view an overview of the program.  To register for the program, please click Here.  Please send your registration form to Marc Jensen at


When there is a workshop being held, you will find it on this page.  If you don't see the workshop that you are interested in, please contact us and request we schedule one.  Thanks.